You can support The Olio in any number of ways, including donation of tools, supplies, and materials.
If you have items you think we can use, please do let us know!

Fruit Wood Paddles - (4"x18", 5"x20", assortment)
Glass Color, scraps, bar, frit, etc. - received!! although we ALWAYS need frit in 96 COE, and any 96 COE is more than appreciated.
Wood Blocks - (6, 8, 12 cm)
Wet Belt Sander - received!! thank you!!
Glassblowing Pipes & Punties - (standard workhorse and standard sizes are best)
MANPOWER is also needed, currently, we have a need for the following positions:
Gallery/Gift Shop Volunteers
Advisory Council Members
Additionally, we have occasional or ongoing needs for Board Members, Grant Writing, Marketing, Printing, Legal Assistance, Accounting Assistance, Entrepreneurial Mentors, and others. Please email with your skills and how you would like to participate.