Q: What is the difference between a Starter Class and the Individual Workshop?

A: A ‘Starter Class’ is 2-2.5 hours, and includes some in-depth instruction about glass in addition to each student making the same type of item. Classes are separated into two different types: paperweight OR tumbler/cup. Ages 10+

An ‘Individual Workshop’ involves choosing an item to make from a list, appointments are needed, and no additional instruction is included. The list includes: egg, flower, clover, ornament, cup, and more! Ages 8+

The CALENDAR is updated regularly.

Q: How long will an Individual Workshop take?
A: It depends on the item, but they range between 15 and 30 minutes.

Q: How do I register?

A: The easiest is through our website, and click on ‘workshops and programs’. Or please call 336.406.2937.

Q: How old do you have to be?

Individual Workshops 8+

Starter Class 10+

Fusings 6+

Q: What do I wear for a hot shop/furnace class?

A: Closed Shoes, Cotton Clothing (natural fibers). Hair restrained. We provide eye protection. A liability waiver is required for all hot shop participants.

Q: Will I take something home that day?

A: No. All glass must be annealer for 48 hours. Pickups in the shop are between 11-3 Tuesday through Saturday.
Fusings take at least a week for pickup.

Q: What type of recycled glass do we take?

A: Clean, unbroken, rinsed, label-free (when possible). ANY COLOR. Pickle jars, mason jars, wine bottles, liquor bottles, cider bottles, beer bottles or small bottles are fine, but please remove as much label as possible. More information about our recycling efforts can be found here.

Q: What type of glass do we NOT take?

A: Broken glass, Flat glass (windows, shelves), dirty, pyrex (cookware), ketle one vodka.

Q: How much label residue can be left on the bottle?

A: A little bit of glue residue or minimal amounts of paper are OK. Anything plastic or metal must be removed entirely.