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This September 8th marks our second birthday open as a business. I remember the day two years ago vividly, we had been waiting for months for all the final construction, paperwork, and inspections to pass. It felt like forever, but then all of a sudden we had our C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) and we were legit. Just like that. I had conceived of this idea almost 20 years prior, and now it was real, and more terrifying than I really expected.

Fast forward two years later, to today, and still sometimes it can be terrifying, but so much less so it's almost comical. I still have the weeks where things can change drastically. One day we are planning something big, and two days later we decide it's not the right time. One day we have a student who is all ready to sweat, and two days later they can't take the heat. One day at a time, minute by minute. That's really true in all business, in life actually, but it feels magnified for some reason in our little glass fishbowl. Perspective is everything, and sometimes it only takes a few minutes to gain some.

We have learned so much over the past two years. We have learned what we do really well, and what we do not so well. We get more efficient, more productive, and more sustainable every day. We spend less time trying to make everyone our customer, and instead find the customers who are just right for us. It's a unique thing, to start a non-profit social enterprise focused on glassblowing, arts, and education. It's hard to explain it in a succinct way, two minutes is about all you get from an audience these days, and that can feel like an eternity sometimes. But two minutes is enough, and if you aren't hooked in those two minutes, I'll be happy to take three. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to exist the past two years, we look forward to the next two and more.

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  • Very inspiring and inspirational. I look forward to attending classes and learning more.

    IGTUFO on

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