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Those who have been reading along (who knew? thanks Laura!!!) need an update. I am truly relieved and elated to say that the furnace has been working properly and no apparent other issues seem to be appearing (no need to jinx it right?). As my mother likes to say 'cautiously optimistic' is where we sit now. Since about December 20th, just in time for the holiday season where families, friends, colleagues, and anyone can come to experience hot glass, connect, and have fun. 

It has been a stressful pleasure to be in the shop, the best way I can describe it. I want to be a good instructor, helping my students safely and successfully enjoy their experience, but I keep worrying the furnace will shut off. I talk too much about the problems, and I am certain no one wants to hear about it, they just want to make their trinkets and go home to leftovers and cookies!! It's not their problem or their fault, but it's impossible to not talk about it to some degree. I worry about the money we lost, the people we had to cancel who didn't want to rebook. Will they leave a bad review? ugh.

At the end of the day, it's all ok. We got through it, we are not on fire, and no one is hurt. We are working again, and we are here in the new year with some vastly different perspective. I will always thank the experiences that make this process easier for the future. I tend to stress too much about things I can't control, and that will cease this year. I will also be more clear about who we are as an organization, as a leading example of social entrepreneurship and sustainability, and challenge perceptions of using recycled glass for art.

It's been five years, and what feels like five lifetimes, of experience. I am ready to embark on this new chapter with some ease and definitely more intention. I want to focus on the things that sustain us, financially, physically, and mentally. I certainly don't want to give power anymore to the negative, or the things that drain us.....the world needs it, I need it, and this studio needs it. 

In case you aren't already aware....we offer workshops for anyone and everyone (over age 8). Come take a class and experience the hot molten goopy fun that is hot glass. Come watch when we are working, just try to keep the questions limited to class time! We have decided to suspend demo nights for the time being, but we do offer those as a private program. We are also going to streamline our product much more in the coming year, so be sure to contact us for commissions if you don't see what you want. Shopping/retail hours will be shortened this season, starting this month and allowing our consignment partners to continue doing the awesome retail work for us! We have a great partnership with Sawtooth School for Visual Art where you can find more in-depth classes, and stay tuned for some exciting new developments there!

The next five years will certainly be interesting and we look forward to spending them with you!

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