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I had a meeting with some of my favorite people at Flywheel last week, my professional rock band if you will. Peter and Nathan scolded me a little for not blogging enough, which they should. Marketing, which involves blogging, is the hardest part of my job. It's not necessarily about knowing what to do, that much we have generally figured out. It's finding the time to learn, and then do, and then also delegate efficiently....and all while operating lean of course. It's a huge job, never-ending, and all encompassing of several different platforms that we need to know and understand. Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Podcasts, it's a list that grows daily, and not all on it will have longevity that makes it worth the time to learn.

Each business is also specific to it's own list...meaning that not all businesses need or use the same platforms. I spend a lot of time thinking and strategizing, and to my own fault, I don't spend enough time just doing...writing, posting, photographing, etc..I want to know my medium, understand it, and use it properly. But sometimes you just need to do it, and not think so hard about it.

In the meantime, while we strategize our social media endeavors, I will take advantage of the tried and true method of grassroots marketing, which is media coverage....Betsi Robinson from the Kenan Institute captured the spirit of Flywheel Upstart Live Weekend better than any blog or facebook post I could possibly muster...why not let the pros handle it right? The article can be found by clicking here.

And you can watch the video from Swiftwater Media here.

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