The Olio


    My experience at the Olio has been overall very fun, but eye opening. Working at the Olio has been an experience that I won’t forget for a long time! 



    No visit is ever the same! I learned new skills and had a completely different and wonderful experience, there is so much to learn!


    I like how...

What exactly is an olio?

It is a dish of many flavors, a hodge-podge, a medley....that's the definition of the word, and this place. An olio is a thing, it's in the dictionary and it's not the gross fake butter from the 80's, that's 'oleo'. 

I get asked this a lot, what it means. A friend suggested the word when I described this dream of mine. This weird idea to start a school for teens, to teach them this magic thing called glassblowing.

The Olio is all about glass in many ways, yes of course. But it is actually also about many other things, perhaps...

two years, two days, two minutes

This September 8th marks our second birthday open as a business. I remember the day two years ago vividly, we had been waiting for months for all the final construction, paperwork, and inspections to pass. It felt like forever, but then all of a sudden we had our C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) and we were legit. Just like that. I had conceived of this idea almost 20...

pros and minions

I had a meeting with some of my favorite people at Flywheel last week, my professional rock band if you will. Peter and Nathan scolded me a little for not blogging enough, which they should. Marketing, which involves blogging, is the hardest part of my job. It's not necessarily about knowing what to do, that much we have generally figured out. It's finding the time to learn, and then do, and then also delegate efficiently....and all while operating lean of course. It's a huge job, never-ending, and all encompassing of several different platforms that we need to know and understand. Blogs,...

Glass is a magical tool for all ages!

Luscinda came into the shop with her mother, who was working on a project with one of our Salem College interns; a flurry of people around, and she sat at the table, riveted. She was transfixed on Sarah and, honestly, I have no idea what happened that day, who made what. But I remember this little girl, just a bit younger than my own two boys, and I could tell she saw the magic.

My Trip to The Olio, by Luscinda, age 7

I went on a really cool field trip in January: my trip was to The Olio art...